During the FREE initial consultation we discuss whether you have words on paper and what form they are in: electronic (computer), typed, or hand-written. For example, you may simply have some notes at this stage or you may have a substantial amount of written material.

If you are at the "idea" stage, we discuss the approach we will take towards getting your words from your head onto paper.

Other items we may cover include organizing your work, the editing process, and eventual publishing and distribution.



  • Illustrations.Your Words in Print helps format and determine proper placement of any illustrations in your book.
  • Cover Development. We help with cover ideas, and the layout and design of the cover itself.
  • Liaison with the Printer. If you desire to print your book locally, Your Words in Print liaisons with a trusted printer to produce your book.
  • Business Coaching. Our expertise includes the business of writing, such as copyrights, permissions, record keeping, taxes, and contracts.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a professional function that helps authors accomplish a number of important tasks.

  • A Thorough check of grammar and spelling. A finely edited book makes reading easy and pleasurable, and allows readers to feel the impact of your words. In addition to grammar and spelling, the copy editor checks for proper sentence structure (syntax) and word choice (diction).
  • Organizing your manuscript. A copy editor makes suggestions for organizing the body of your work so that the text flows logically and takes the reader on a pleasurable journey. A copy editor also makes recommendations for headings and subheadings, and for creating an introduction, a prologue, acknowledgements, references, an index, and a bibliography, if the book requires any or all of these.

traditional publishing


If you would like to pursue publishing your book through a traditional publishing company, we help you do that.

Most publishers today insist you work through an agent. We help you find an appropriate agent.

Agents almost always request a package of material from prospective authors that includes:

  • a book outline
  • sample chapters
  • a marketing plan
  • similar titles in print today
  • other pertinent materials

We help you put this package together.


The world's largest bookstore offers FREE online publishing.  We help you set up the book according to Amazon's guidelines so that when it comes time to publish your book, it is formatted according to their guidelines, saving you time and effort.

Sometimes authors have an idea for a book but do not know where to start. We can help you go from thoughts to words on the page using a few simple techniques. If you are overwhelmed with ideas, we offer a few simple organizing techniques that help you see clearly how you can organize the material so the task becomes less daunting and helps makes writing more pleasurable.

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