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Richard learned how to copyedit and proofread in college where he edited papers, theses, and dissertations for classmates. As an undergraduate, he also wrote scripts for a National Public Radio show, edited the international student newsletter on campus, and worked as a Copy Editor for a publishing company during summer breaks.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with an English degree, Richard landed his first full-time position as a Copywriter for Snap-on, Inc. Today he concentrates on producing advertising, training, and instructional materials; writing books and articles; and serving as a book editor.

Major Clients

Waterstone Technical Communications, Johnson Controls, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., Snap-on, Inc., Runzheimer International, U.S. Navy, Electrolux, Giddings and Lewis, Manpower Group, Tower Automotive, Smarbug Media, Demand Media Studios, Webpage FX, Shorewest Realty, Inc., Price-Benowtiz, LLP, ECybersolutions, Inc., Internet Brands, Banner Welder, GENCO Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., Integrated Solutions Group, LLC, Control Resources Corp., Gardner Manufacturing, Ken Cook Company, C.P. Gauger Documentation and Translation, AW-Lake, Excel Communications, Centurion Computer Systems, Custom Tech Systems 

Engage Network, Inc., Zerand Corporation, Kalmbach Publishing Co., Boy Scouts of America, Amenti Research Group, The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Monterey Research Group, Milwaukee Public Schools, Wolfcraft, Inc., Golden Lotus, Inc.

Mason Crest Publishing, The Outpost Exchange, Ariadne Publishers, National Public Radio/WUWM, Spiritual Awakenings Quarterly 

Testimonials about karen's work

"It amazes me how much I could just open my mind and my heart to a positive way of thinking and manifest a positive outcome! Thank you for helping me become aware of this!" -- S.A.S.

"I wanted you to know that your work with me yielded immediate results.

It is much appreciated." -- J​.

"Richard and I have worked on ... numerous documents. His insight into sentence structure and overall content presentation was invaluable." -- Z.F.

Karen A. Bowen

Karen believes each and everyone of us has been gifted with talents and abilities uniquely our own. And, part of our life purpose is to uncover those talents and abilities, develop them and then use them for the common good.

Her mission at Your Words in Print is to remind each person of their power of creation and to assist them in removing whatever obstacles block their path to success and fulfilling their heart's desire.

After healing her own heart disease by lifestyle changes, Karen left management at a Fortune 100 Company and turned her attention to alternative healing methods. Her holistic approach combines a background in science, PSYCH-K, Radical Forgiveness, Esoteric Healing, Kriya Yoga and meditation, as well as, years of New Thought study and practice.

Karen is also the originator of the Authentic Triangle. She teaches numerous workshops, is a published author, and nationally known public speaker, whose special skill is to teach how life works and how to make spiritual laws practical in our everyday lives.

Richard A. Bowen