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"Richard is a true professional. I had the pleasure of working with him ... and found him to be a thorough and conscientious writer and editor. I especially appreciated his willingness to share his knowledge. He is easy to talk to and to work with in person, on the phone, and via email. I would welcome working with Richard again."  -- J.S.

"I have relied on Richard for editing assistance in the areas of structural content and copy editing for more than fifteen years. His critique of both fiction and nonfiction is straight forward and objective. Additionally, I have found Richard’s overall “feel” for a story/subject, relative to (my) strengths and weaknesses as a writer to be invaluable." -- C.G.



Years of experience

Richard Bowen has over 30 years experience in the writing and editing field. He graduated as an English major from the University of Wisconsin and went on to a successful career in business, where he produced video productions, and wrote training and technical materials. Today he authors books and articles, and serves as an editor.

Karen Bowen, who is a nationally recognized public speaker and author, also has years of experience in the business world. Her in-depth knowledge and insight helps authors succeed.

We copy edit your manuscript so it brings out the power and effectiveness of your words.

We format your book according to's guidelines so you can take advantage of their FREE distribution service.

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The initial consultation with Your Words in Print is FREE. We also offer a FREE estimate of how much time and effort it would require to bring your manuscript into a form so you can make it available to your audience.

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If you are at the idea stage, Your Words in Print helps you move from thinking to writing.


You have a valuable, valid perspective that needs to be shared. Whether it is a story, an idea, a how-to, a novel, or a memoir, we help your book take shape.

Richard A. Bowen has written, edited, and published more than a dozen books. He knows from first-hand experience the process of materializing a book, and the thrill and gratification of seeing Your Words in Print. It’s incomparable.

Karen A. Bowen has 20 years’ experience helping individuals remove the obstacles to their success and offers business coaching to authors.

If you are at the "idea" stage, Your Words in Print helps you organize and clarify your ideas so you can begin to write.

If you already have written material (a manuscript), Your Words in Print edits the manuscript to get it ready for distribution. We then work with you to make the book available in both print and e-book versions.

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